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What is Girl Scouting?
It’s all about fun, friends and fantastic opportunities.

What is today’s Girl Scouts all about?  It’s about YOU!  There are so many ways you can be a part of Girl Scouting.  Although many girls choose to be in a traditional Girl Scout troop, we offer other ways to be part the largest girl leadership organization in the world.  Do you love summer camp? Are you passionate about photography, cooking or fashion design? Do you love to travel around your state or around the world? 

Today’s Girl Scout experience is about making it work for you, giving you exceptional leadership building programs in a variety of different ways.

Check out the 5 ways to participate in Girl Scouting.


Girl Scouts is open to all girls grades K-12 and there
are many ways you can be involved. Explore the Girl Scout Pathway (how you participate in Girl Scouts)
that fits you the best.  We have many ways for to
be involved.
Be a part of an organization that gives girls the
opportunity to be and do their best, and share their
gifts with the world. Whether you have one hour or
one year, Girl Scouts has many ways you can support
the young women who will change their communities
and the world. 
Lifetime membership as a Girl Scout adult is open
to any individual who accepts the principles and
beliefs of the Girl Scout Movement, pays the
one-time lifetime membership cost, and is 18 years
old or older or is a high school graduate or
the equivalent.
The Girl Scout Alumnae Association is open to 
Women who were girl members, including Girl Scout Daisies or Girl Scout Brownies, at any time, Women
and men who were or are volunteers, including board members and Women and men who were or are
staff members.