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Girl Scouts 101  password:  aboutGS101
This class is required of all adults that are working with girls. It teaches the importance of all the components of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience including the three keys to learning (Discovering, Connecting, and Taking Action.) It also teaches them about the importance of girl led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning. We are looking for girls to achieve the values, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that are valued in Girl Scouting, and how these create girls with courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Girl Scouting 101 shows you how to utilize the Journey books and their lesson plans and how to plan addition activities that go along with the outcomes Girl Scouts are looking for.

New Volunteer Guide

Volunteer Essentials
Volunteer Essentials is a resource document answering the many questions you may have about Girl Scouts. It covers topics such as programs, badges, meetings, awards, and cookies. It will educate you on council procedures and how they work.

Safety Activity Checkpoints
This publication in combination with Volunteer Essentials has replaced Safety-Wise. Safety Activity Checkpoints are in-depth safety information and tips that adult volunteers use for Girl Scout sports and activities; girls can also use these checkpoints to ready their group for a girl-led activity.

Volunteer Policies and Procedures Revised 12/7/11
Volunteer policies and procedures are established by the Board of Directors to:
• Provide safe, high quality program leadership experiences to girls.
• Use the skills and experiences of volunteers effectively.
• Provide all volunteers the opportunity for participation, challenge, growth, and advancement.
• Create an environment of courtesy, respect, and fairness for all volunteers.

Blue Book of Basic Documents
This document includes the Constitution, Bylaws, Policies, Credentials, Criteria and Standards for an Effective Girl Scout Council, and the Congressional Charter of Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

How to Have Fun with Purpose with Girls: 3 Processes for Girl Scout Volunteers
The 3 Processes (Girl Led, Learning by Doing, and Cooperative Learning) are a critical part of a successful Girl Scout Leadership Experience. This video outlines what each process is and how to successfully utilize it with your girls within Girl Scouting.

Ban Bossy
The Ban Bossy campaign has officially launched! Our aim with this campaign is to take the stigma of being called “bossy” out of the picture for today’s girls. It’s powerful to hear accomplished and renowned women adding their voices. We couldn’t be more excited about the response Ban Bossy is receiving.

This campaign is about empowerment and taking action. To that end, we recommend an activity intended for Girl Scout Juniors through Cadettes called I-Statements that is all about encouraging girls to speak confidently and directly about their feelings. We’ve created a short tutorial video about I-Statements that will enable you to confidently facilitate the activity for girls.  You can access other valuable Ban Bossy resources here.
You can also use the Council Facilitator Guide and Council Facilitator Guide with Script.
Thank you for all you are doing for the next generation of women. Together, we will Ban Bossy!