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gs journeys

gs journeys

Girl Scout Journeys invite girls to explore a theme through many experiences and from many perspectives. All the joys of travel are built right in: meeting new people, finding new things, making memories, gathering keepsakes. Along the way, girls take on challenges that guide them to develop their leadership skills and values and earn awards recognizing their accomplishments.

A key part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is the leadership journey, a coordinated series of activities grouped around a theme. Each journey is tied to some of Girl Scouts’ 15 national outcomes for girls, as defined in the Girl Scout Leadership Model. These outcomes are integral to the three leadership keys – Discover, Connect and Take Action.

Journeys provide “sample sessions” to give girls and volunteers ideas about sequencing experiences, discussions, and earning awards so that the “whole” feels like one big adventure. The journey will be much more fun and relevant as girls make it their own!

Journeys come in three series, each with its own theme, awards, and unique activities.

It’s Your World–Change it!
Learn what it means to be a leader who makes a difference in the world.

It’s Your Planet–Love it!
Discover how environmental issues shape the world and your community.

It’s Your Story–Tell it!
Experiment with art to tell your stories and take action to make the world a better place.