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grade levels

grade levels

Girls say that grade – not age – often determines their social groups. Research has shown that girls learn best, and have the most fun, when they are with the right developmental and social group. To ensure that girls get the most out of Girl Scouting, girls are placed in the following grade-levels:

Girl Scout Daisy: Grades K-1
Girl Scout Daisies meet in a nurturing, inclusive environment. They go on field trips, learn about nature and science, and explore the arts and their communities. Girl Scout Daisies can also earn Petals and receive participation patches.
Girl Scout Brownie: Grades 2-3
Girl Scout Brownies work together, earn awards and badges, and explore their community. Friendship, fun, and age-appropriate activities begin at the Girl Scout Brownie meeting and move out to the community and wider world.
Girl Scout Junior: Grades 4-5
Girl Scout Juniors earn badges and discover what girl power is all about through new activities and by learning to take charge of their own plans. They gain self-confidence as they explore their communities and world.
Girl Scout Cadette: Grades 6-8
Girl Scout Cadettes can mix and match activities and resources to suit their needs while giving back to their communities. They connect with each other and build self-esteem and confidence in their skills as they work on a range of projects and gain life experiences.
Girl Scout Senior: Grades 9-10
Girl Scout Seniors participate in Girl Scouting in many ways. They can travel the world, serve in a leadership position and gain insight to future careers.

Girl Scout Ambassador: Grades 11-12
Girl Scout Ambassadors are an example of the power of Girl Scouting. They give service, take action and show the world what kind of leader all young women can be.