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You can participate in a series if you are brand new to Girl Scouting, have returned after taking
a break or are currently registered in another troop in your neighborhood. Series programs focus on
a single interest and meet the needs of girls who want to dig deep into a subject over a short-term (6-8 weeks).

Unlike traditional troops, series programs focus on topics ranging from photography to healthy living and the environment. A series program might meet six or eight times a year or once a month.  It might consist of a series of meetings that end within a few months or might meet over the same period of time each year.

BFF (Be a Friend First)

BFF is designed to work with the aMAZE! Journey, Girl Scouts’ highly acclaimed leadership program

  • The aMAZE! Journey gives middle school girls valuable skills to develop healthy relationships, prevent bully behavior, and become peacemakers in their schools and communities.
  • In BFF, girls get to explore thorny issues like peer pressure, stereotyping, gossip, and cliques through engaging role-plays, creative writing, games, and discussion exercises. They can also create and lead projects in their schools and communities to tackle bullying issues on their terms and turf!
  • BFF easily integrates into existing health or character education classes, or can even serve as an after-school program in the community.
  • Healthy relationships are the solution to bully prevention. BFF inspires girls to lead one another—with friendship!


Are you a School or District Administrator?

BFF enhances girls’ written communication, character development, and service learning skills, among others. See connections to your state’s and national curriculum standards.

Hear from other school and district administrators who have used the aMAZE! program in their schools (see video).

Are you a parent or girl who wants to bring BFF to your middle school or community?

Contact your local Girl Scout council and let them know that you want BFF! Don’t know how to find your local Girl Scout council? See our Girl Scout Council Finder.

And in the meantime, there are BFF activities online—games, quizzes, stories from real girls, and more!