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2015 Fall Product Sale

October 9 –  November 1

QSP-Nut Online Program2015 Four Main Patches

What can a girl do? With your help, a girl can do anything! Participating in Girl Scout Product Sale activities is a great way to build leadership skills that will last a lifetime. The Girl Scout Product Sales Programs are the largest girl-led business in the world. We recognize girls as one of our nation’s greatest assets and have made it our mission to develop girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.


Top 3 Reasons for Your Troop to Participate


1. Earn Start-up Funds!
Whether you are volunteering as a troop leader or service unit manager, this is a great way for you to earn start-up funds for the upcoming Girl Scout year! The opportunities are endless on how to use Troop Proceeds:

  • Purchase Girl Uniforms
  • Plan a Troop or Service Unit Event/Program
  • Purchase Great Start Kits, Journey Books or any additional Girl Scout Materials


2. Sales Made Easy!
Three easy ways for girls and troops to participate:

  • Online Sales
  • Traditional Magazine, Nut and Candy Sales
  • Reach Out Address Booklet

Girls can participate in one or all parts of the sale, making it adaptable for troops and independent girls.

3. Teach Girls Valuable Lessons!
Great 5 Skills for Girl programming –  easy to use materials provided for your 1st couple troop meetings!
To learn more about the five skills learned through product sales, check out our 5 Skills Guide.


Getting Started

Step 1: Attend a Fall Sale Volunteer Training

Step 2: Watch the Training Video (Coming Soon)

Step 3: Attend a Facts & Snacks Session

Once you have attended a training, you can pick up sale information and materials from your Troop Leader or Fall Sale Coordinator. Not sure who to contact? Please contact your local GSDH office at 800-666-2141.


Save the Date

Fall Sale Volunteer Rookie Training
Date: October 2, 2015
Time: 7:00 PM—8:30 PM CST
Location: All GSDH Offices and TDAF Camp in Aberdeen

Get registered for the 2015 Fall Sale Rookie Training! All Fall Sale volunteers are welcome to attend this detailed training session of the GSDH Fall Sale Program. Learn sales tactics, sales logistics, Nut-E and of course sample the delicious varieties of nuts & candy!

Fall Sale Volunteer Guru Training
Date: October 2, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM—6:30 PM CST
Location: All GSDH Offices

Get registered for the 2015 Fall Sale Program Guru Training! This training is  a 1 hr high-level session of the GSDH Fall Sale Program. We ask only the experienced Fall Sale volunteers to attend this session (3+ years of volunteer experience). Learn what is in store for the 2015 Fall Sale Program & of course sample the delicious varieties of nuts and candy!

Facts & Snacks Sessions
Join one of our Q&A Conference Call sessions specifically for Volunteers! Review the Fall Sale Volunteer Guide and ask any questions you have!

Date: October 6, 2015
Time: 6:00 PM CST
Call in Information: 800-666-2141 x9999 OR 605-271-9999
Access Code: 6626816

Date: October 8, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM CST
Call in Information: 800-666-2141 x9999 OR 605-271-9999
Access Code: 6609886


It’s Easy to Participate

Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons knows how important and limited TIME is to girls, volunteers and their families. Our Fall Product Sale offers LOTS of flexible sales options – girls, parents and troops can choose how they want to participate:

  1. Online
    Customers can order online for Nuts, Candy, Magazines and Photo Products
  2. In Person
    Visit with family and friends to place orders for Nuts, Candy, Magazines and Photo Products
  3. Fill out Reach Out Booklets
    Complete the Reach Out Booklet (postcards to friends and family). Turn into your service unit and QSP takes care of the rest!

Girl Scouts can choose any combination of these ways to sell – they can sell all products at all sales options or they can just do one or two. The options and combinations are completely up to the girls!

Troop Proceeds

Troops earn funds which should be used to support your Troops Girl Scout year! Have your Girl Scouts and Parents vote on how they want to use their funds earned for the year—after all the sale is for the Girls: purchase new uniforms, go to camp or purchase Journey Books for all the Girls are some examples. There are a million ways to use your funds earned by participating in the Fall Product Sale. Girls learn skills along the way and have a ton of fun too!

Troops Earn
$.75 per nut/candy item sold
$2.25 per magazine/photo item sold
$3.00 per reach out booklet filled out (1 book per girl)
Service Units Earn
$.05 per nut/candy item sold
Service Units also earn proceeds from all Troops who participate.

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Online Resources

  • QSP Magazine Customer Service or call 877-289-6247
  • Online Magazine/QSP Tech Support or Recognition Questions
    call 1-877-305-4146
  • Online Orders (Nuts, Candy, Magazines and Photo Items)