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2015 Fall Product Sale

October 9 –  November 1

2015 Four Main Patches


Fall Product Sale = Flexibility

The Fall Product Sale Program is a friends and family focused sale at the
beginning of the Girl Scout year. Girl Scouts sell nuts, candy and magazine subscriptions. Girl Scouts—Dakota Horizons knows how important and limited time is to girls, volunteers and families.

The Fall Product Sale offers flexible sale options, allowing girls, parents and troops  five ways to participate. Choose one or as many as you want!

  • In-Person Nut/Candy Orders
  • In-Person Magazine
  • Online Nut/Candy Orders
  • Online Magazine Orders/Photo Product Orders
  • Reach Out Booklets (postcards to friends and family)


Top 5 Reasons to Participate

  1.  Earn Start-up funds for your troop!
  2. Earn Program Credits to use towards GSDH programs and events.
  3. Earn Recognitions for your hard work!
  4. EASY SALES OPTIONS! Choose any sales option that works best for you!
  5. Learn 5 lifetime skills that you can use throughout your life!
Check out our 5 Skills Guide



How it Works

All of this information is available in the Girl Fall Sale Packet. Girl Scouts will receive the Fall Sales packet from their Troop Leaders by October  9. If your Troop Leader has not contacted you to arrange a Fall Sale meeting this time, please contact the local GSDH Office at 1-800-666-2141.

GSDH knows how important and limited TIME is to girls, volunteers and their families. Our Fall Product Sale offers LOTS of flexible sales options –  girls, parents and troops can choose how they want to participate:

#1 – Online
Girls send emails to their friends and family. Customers can order online for Nuts, Candy, Magazines and Photo Products.

#2 – In Person
Visit with family and friends to place orders for Nuts, Candy and Magazines.

#3 – Fill out Reach Out Booklets
Complete the Reach Out Booklet (postcards to friends and family). Turn into your troop leader and QSP takes care of the rest!

Girl Scouts can choose any combination of these to sell – they can sell all products at all sales options or they can just do one or two. The options and combinations are completely up to the girls!

Meet Gabi!

Gabi is here to help you Reach New Heights
on your  2015 Girl Scout Journey!


2015 Girl Recognitions

View the 2015 Girl Recognitions here.




Girls can create and customize their own unique giraffe patch with $150 in online sales!

  • Customize the patch with your name
  • Choose your favorite colors and designs
  • Lots of cool features and accessories
  • Create your own unique self
  • Once a Girl Scout registers online she will be able to start customizing her own Giraffe!
  • Contact QSP 1-877-289-6247 or http://www.gaotrak.com/



Project We Care

Project We Care allows Girl Scouts to collect donations in $6 increment to be donated to our local military troops. Girls will collect donations directly from the customer and turn in with all of their orders at the end of the sale. Girl Scouts–Dakota Horizons will distribute the product to local military personnel, families and veterans throughout North Dakota and South Dakota. Girl Scouts earn the share patch when they collect 5 or more Project We Care donations.

2015 Share Patch



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