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2015 Nut & Chocolate Fall Products

October 9 – November 1, 2015

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The Fall Product Sale Program is a friends and family sale. Girl Scouts sell nuts, candy, magazine subscriptions and NEW this year photo products!

Product Sales Programs are an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, built around financial literacy. Girls that participate in the Girl Scout Fall Product Sale Program not only earn money for their troop; they also learn skills that will help them grow into leaders in their own lives, leaders in business and leaders in the world.

There are five identified leadership benefits to participating in
Girl Scout Product Sales Programs:

Tasty Treats

Dulce de Leche Owls

Dark Chocolate Penguins
6 oz box   $7.00

Dulce de Leche Owls
5.1 oz box   $6.00
Peanut Butter Bears
6 oz box   $6.00
8 oz can   $7.00
Chocolate Covered Almonds
10 oz can   $7.00
Salsa Mix
8 oz can   $6.00
Fruit Slices
Fruit Slices
10.5 oz can   $6.00
Chocolate Covered Raisins
10 oz can   $7.00
Chocolate Covered Peanuts
9 oz can   $7.00
Butter Toasted Peanuts
9 oz can   $6.00
Honey Mustard Mix
7 oz bag   $7.00
Deluxe Pecan Clusters
5 oz box   $6.00
EngButtToff MntTreas15 CarTre
English Buttered Toffee
6 oz   $7.00
Mint Treasures
6 oz Girl Scout Tote Tin   $8.00
Caramel Treasures
6 oz Snowman Holiday Tin   $8.00
Dark Chocolate Caramel Caps
with Sea Salt
6 oz box   $7.00



Order or renew – the choice is yours! Friends and family benefit by getting their favorite magazines at up to 90% off newsstand prices and Girl Scouts benefit by earning funds for their troops. QSP now offers over 100 online magazine subscriptions for your digital devices! magazines

Ways to Purchase

Like to purchase one of our Tasty Products? Email us at cookies@gsdakotahorizons.org for a Girl Scout to contact you!

Girl Scouts can come to your door with an order card or send you an Online order card to purchase products online!