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Cookie Sale: February 12—March 13, 2016
Wrap-Up Sale: March 14—27, 2016

ACH Update from the Product Sales Team

First ACH withdrawal date has been moved to March 2, 2016! Read more here.


Thank you for taking the time as a Girl Scout Volunteer! Girl Scouts certainly would not be successful without your support to our Cookie Sale Program.

New! Cookie Wrap—Up Sale

We are extending the Cookie Sale Program for an additional 2 weeks! Why? To allow troops an opportunity to continue selling into March in hopes of warmer weather and additional sale opportunities.

  • $25 bonus to troops who check out and sell at least 2 cases (24 boxes).
  • Troops can check out cookies “on consignments” from GSDH Cupboards.
  • Troops can return only UNOPENED cases checked out during the Wrap-Up Sale time frame.
  • Unsold/unopened cases must be returned to GSDH by April 1, 2016.
  • Troops cannot return more than the number of cases checked out during the Wrap-Up Sale.
  • Troops and Service Units continue to earn per box proceeds.
  • Girl Scouts do not earn recognitions during the Wrap-Up Sale.


Cookie Sale Volunteer Training

Thanks to everyone who attended. For those that couldn’t make it, we will have the video posted soon.

Cookie Sales Training for all Troop Leaders and Service Unit Volunteers. All Cookie Sale Volunteers are asked to attend Cookie Sale Program Training. Topics of training include: sale programming, logistics of sale, financial processes, goal setting, troop proceeds and Snap online system functions and tutorials plus much more!

Need help with Snap+? Click here to view training videos.

Troop Proceeds

Troops earn funds which should be used to support your Troops Girl Scout year! Have your Girl Scouts and parents vote on how they want to use their funds earned for the year—after all the sale is for the Girls: purchase new uniforms, go to camp or purchase Journey Books for all the girls are some examples. There are a million ways to use your funds earned by participating in the Cookie Sale Program. Girls learn skills along the way and have a ton of fun too!

Troops Earn
$.50 per box
Service Units Earn
Service Units earn proceeds from all Troops who participate.
SU Proceed Policy/Guidelines
Individual or Independent Girl Scouts earn proceeds based on a sales range
Individual Girl Scouts – not associated with a Troop.
Individual Girl Proceeds Policy

Dakota Dough (formerly Dakota Certificates)

Dakota Dough is GSDH issued money vouchers that can be spent on any Girl Scout related activity and materials. This can include troop programming fees, camp fees, approved Service Unit activity fees, uniforms, girl membership registration fees and in the Retail Stores.

Dakota dough will be calculated using a new formula for the 2016 Cookie Sale Program. Dakota Dough will now be calculated in ranges and be distributed to the troop at the end of the sale. Troop Leaders are encouraged to meet with parents and girls to set troop goals and determine how to use the Dakota Dough. Click here for the ranges.

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Cookie Questions? Contact us at 800-666-2141 or email cookies@gsdakotahorizons.org