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Outdoor Experiences Benefit Girls

Did you know June is National Outdoors month? At Girl Scouts, we believe girls benefit tremendously from outdoor experiences. Actually, we know they do. And we have the research to prove it.

A recent study, More Than S’mores, conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute set out to discover the importance of outdoor experiences to today’s Girl Scouts. Nearly 3,000 Girl Scouts participated in a survey measuring the following:

  • Girls’ exposure to and enjoyment of the outdoors in Girl Scouts
  • Girls’ perceptions of the impact of Girl Scouts
  • The role of Girl Scouts in their most memorable outdoor experiences

Some of the key findings from the study include:

  • Camping experiences create memories and build leadership. Of the girls that had been camping, 80% marked it as being most memorable to them.
  • Ninety-seven percent of girls participated in at least one outdoor activity during the year in Girl Scouts and 39% participated in outdoor activities on a monthly basis through Girl Scouts.
  • More than 70% of girls said they first tried an outdoor activity in Girl Scouts and half said they could not have done one if not for Girl Scouts.


As you can see, Girl Scouts is making it possible for girls to get outdoors and develop leadership skills, become resourceful problem solvers, promote cooperation and team building, and develop a strong sense of self.

That is why Girl Scouts—Dakota Horizons is committed to bringing as many camp opportunities as possible to girls throughout our 164,000 square mile council. There is still time to get involved—here is just a few camp experiences coming up next month:

  • July 8 – Survival Camp – Mandan, ND
  • July 12-13 – Into the Wild – Huron, SD
  • July 13-18 – Real to Me Resident Camp – Aberdeen, SD
  • July 21-July 22 – Adventure Camp – Center, ND
  • July 22-24 – Toad Mountain Ranch – Osage, MN


Not seeing a camp that interests you? Browse our Summer Program Guide to view a full listing of camps offered this summer.

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So what are you waiting for? Get outdoors and start the fun today!

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