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100th Anniversary Take Action Project

This project is a national effort of girls leading their families, schools, and communities in improving the environment and protecting natural resources. GSFG invites girls to Take Action on three month long projects occurring in February, March, or April: Reduce Waste, Earth Hour, and Rain Gardens. Participants are also encouraged to take an Online Pledge stating their year long commitment to GSFG efforts.

Visit girlscouts.org/gsforevergreen/ to register your participation and results, take the Girl Scouts Forever Green Pledge, and share with your friends and family.

Honor our Founder.
Honor Earth.
Honor our powerful sisterhood.
Be part of something bigger than yourself.


Girl Scouts – Dakota Horizons Forever Green Projects

738 Dakota Horizons people in Girl Scouts Forever Green

Reduce Waste Rain Gardens               

446 people reduced waste by switching from using single-use plastic to reusable water bottles and bags and recycling aluminum cans

1,373 times reusable water bottles were refilled

616 times a plastic bag was refused and a reusable bag was used

897 reusable bags given to others

1,352 aluminum cans recycled

18 people worked to construct rain gardens

6 rain gardens constructed

43 new native plants/trees planted

334 sq feet of green space planted

Earth Hour

GSFG Pledge

 274 people committed to participate in Earth Hour

264 ENERGY STAR light bulbs installed

 48 individuals pledging environmental action

56,257 saved on home energy bills                                                      

Rain Barrels










 Water Conservation

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